The Pope We Have Always Wanted

I hesitate to write on the fall out of the recent scandal with any detail, many competent Catholic journalists have already done so.  My goal here is not to go off on a tangent about Pope Francis, or to offer an apologia for the Church.  Instead, I would like to offer my thoughts as to what this means for our place in the Church right now.

There is a common idea among Traditional minded Catholics that the Church was high jacked at Vatican II by liberals and that they have essentially ruined the liturgy and the faith, etc…  And of course, there is some truth to this.  There are legitimate things that have happened in the Church that have been very damaging that have been the work of liberal theologians and what not.  But, the problem with this idea is that it is too simple.  God is in charge of the Church, as the Holy Spirit guides it.  Anything that happens to the Church is either permitted or willed by God.  No group of liberals gets to outsmart the Holy Spirit, and God does not miss this or that by a sneaky modernist.  The Church has been infested with modernism and liberalism, and God has been in charge the whole time.  Whether He has willed this to be so, or has permitted it, this is something I do not know.

Before I continue, we must understand that God does intentionally use or in some cases, cause evil things to befall His People when need be.  St Thomas Aquinas makes this clear, as does the Old Testament.  Just think about the times that God purposefully set the enemies of the Jews against them knowing full well they would be greatly chastised.  God is a Good God, but this does not preclude Him from using the evils of the world to teach us a lesson.  Whether he permits these evils to befall us or causes them, He is still a Perfect Judge and His Judgment is proper.  One needs only to think about the formation of the Saint Michael Prayer as a response to a conversation between God and the Devil, during which God permitted Satan more time to destroy His Church.  We have lost a healthy sense of Justice in our Church, and because of this, we are baffled by chastisement, as we cannot comprehend that we perhaps deserve our punishment.  Of course, I am not speaking about what has happened to the victims, but instead about the cover-ups in the Church, and the problems with the leadership and dogma.

Like the Jews of the Old Testament, we have been given the True Covenant with the Lord Almighty.  Yet, like the Jews of the Old Testament, we have grown bored with the Law and have lost our patience as we wait for the Prophets to come down from the mountains.  And, like the Jews of the Old Testament, we have desired to have a King to give us worldly goods, and we have erected Golden Calves to worship.  We have pleaded with the Church to “get with the times”, and we have educated our children in ways other than that of the Magisterium.  We have begged the Church leadership to be more liberal, not to focus on sin, but instead to focus on friendship and inclusion.  We have insisted that we do more to save the planet, rather than save our souls.  We have asked priests to step back and let the laity do more at Mass, and appealed to our personal conscience over the precepts of God.  In short, we have thrown away our inheritance in our search to satiate our lusts in the slums of Sodom.

God answered our prayers.  He gave us liberal bishops, liberal teachers, liberal catechisms.  He gave us worldly priests who do not worry about things like cassocks and catechizing.  He gave us a worldly Church who focusses on saving the world, and more humanized clerics who form us in Humanism.  The Lord let our theologians mythologize our Scriptures and now we can all worship the Golden Calf of Evolution.  He allowed Genesis to become an allegory, and the Big Bang to become a substitute for His Majestic act of Creation.  He allowed our Mass to become more Protestant, and he allowed more Catholics to therefore protest against Sunday Obligation.  Finally, most of all, God gave us a liberal Curia who were allowed to elect a liberal Pope.

Our liberal Church under our liberal leaders has rubbed elbows with liberal politicians and liberal media.  Our liberal priests have liberalized marriage in their parishes and advocated for liberalized Communion for a liberalized people.

Why are we so surprised that our church is overrun with sexual deviancy?  Did we think that we could have a church that could make Justin Trudeau happy without selling the faith down the river?  Did we not pause to think what the moral decay would be when we compromised our reverence for life in order to do business with pro-abortion charities in order to drop more bags of rice from planes in drought-ridden Africa?

We prayed for this church.  This is the Liberal Church.

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