Admittedly, the title of this article is a bit of “click-bate.” In my experience, Catholics tend to click on things that have “Devil” in the title.  That being said, I mean what I say when I suggest that the Theory of Evolution is not from God.

In a recent article I wrote about my anti-evolution stance, and that I do not think the Theory of Evolution is in fact reconcilable with Tradition and the teaching of the Magisterium over the ages.  Now, it is true, the last three popes have at times lent their consent to something like Theistic Evolution.  And, as much as I have reverence and love for the Holy Father, it is possible for the Vicar of Christ to err when not speaking infallibly.  Pope St John Paul the Great was a magnificent man and a hero of mine, in fact, I have a picture of him hanging in my classroom, but he was not Jesus, and therefore not everything out of his mouth was infallible.  Pope Benedict has shown a change over his years, and he even admits that at the onset of Vatican II, he was in the camp of the “liberals” coming out of Germany, yet we could hardly argue today that Benedict is anything but a traditionalist today.  Our current Holy Father is nothing if not an enigmatic figure, and he has said things off-the-cuff about a whole host of matters, including evolutionary theory.  However, nothing he has said is infallible on the matter, not even close.

It is true that the Catholic Church has not come out in any infallible capacity and said something like “you may not believe in Evolution.”  But, Holy Mother Church has also not come out in an infallible capacity and condemned a lot of things that we know to be false or forbidden.  There is no infallible statement concerning pornography for example, yet we can understand the matter in light of chastity and the sixth commandment in order to understand that it is against the Law of God.  In the same way, we can look at the Theory of Evolution in light of the teachings of the Church Fathers, the Councils, the Saints, and the Papal Encyclicals of the past.  There have been regional councils, like that of Cologne in the late 19th century, at which the German Bishops conference essentially anathematized the notion of Darwinism (oh how things have changed in Germany).  The teachings of the council were given papal approval by Pope Pius IX, because they reflected the weight of tradition on the issue of Adam and Eve and the 6 days of creation, which of course are contrary to evolutionary theory.  The Church Fathers are unanimous on their interpretation of the first 11 Chapters of Genesis in that they demonstrate real history.  According to Vatican I, when the Church Fathers are unanimous in their interpretation on a scriptural issue, the interpretation is binding.  Pope Leo XIII affirmed a universal understanding of marriage in the 1880 encyclical Arcanum, pointing to the “never-interrupted” teaching of the Church that accords with “the testimony of all nations and of all times.”  He wrote the following:

We record what is to all known, and cannot be doubted by any, that God, on the sixth day of creation, having made man from the slime of the earth, and having breathed into his face the breath of life, gave him a companion, whom He miraculously took from the side of Adam when he was locked in sleep. (

Let’s just think for a second about the Enemy’s first attack on mankind.  It was an attack on Marriage!  He sought discord between Man and Wife.  He usurped the husband’s role as spiritual head of the family, and Adam failed to protect his wife from the wiles of the Devil.  In the same way, Evolution, and its resulting mythologization of the first Marriage, goes at the heart of the purpose of the special creation of man and woman. When our Lady spoke to the children at Fatima, she made it clear that Russia would spread her errors.  Many take this to mean that Communism would spread, and of course, this is true.  But, at the heart of the matter is not Communism, but Evolutionism.  Lenin, who was raised Orthodox, abandoned his faith when he read Darwin, and on his desk he kept a statue of a chimp like figure that walked upright.  An Icon of Evolution.  Similarly, when Stalin was in the Seminary to become an Orthodox priest he too abandoned his faith when he read Darwin, and then spent all his time trying to prove to his fellow seminarians that religious devotion was a fable, and that evolution was the way of the future.  Missionaries from China during the Maoist Revolution recount stories of how after a town was capture by the Maoists, they immediately would desecrate any religious structure, and then would put the public through a week-long lecture series.  The lecture series was not about Marxist economic theory, or Maoist political thought.  The lecture series was meant to prove evolutionary theory as the basis for the future of their society.

Evolutionism is not science; it is a religious philosophy that undermines the Holy Scriptures and the words of Our Lady.  Christ tells us “by their fruit ye shall know them.”  The fruits of evolutionary theory are not from Above.  Perhaps we should listen to the Tradition of our Church in order that again we may hear Our Lord asking “Thou hast eaten of the tree whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldst not eat?”

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