Social Justice Catholicism

Social Justice Catholicism is a problem.  It turns Catholicism and the Tradition of the Faith into a collection of truisms about social inequity and borderline socialistic politics.  At times, regrettably, it is overtly socialistic, and even sympathetic to great evils, like contraceptives and anti-life initiatives.  Most recently, in Edmonton, Abp. Richard Smith has made it … Continue reading Social Justice Catholicism

Idolizing Apologists

I have noticed a trend recently among the Catholic community.  I understand that “Catholic community” is a broad statement.  For our purposes let us think of those who attend mass, or work in Catholic education, and those who seek to form their knowledge with greater study through things like Bible studies or conferences.  By “Catholic … Continue reading Idolizing Apologists

G.K. Chesterton, Country Music, Traditional Catholicism & Giuseppe Viani

As I have written in my last few articles, my wife and I over the past while have come to embrace a Catholicism that connects us more to our rich heritage (some call it Traditional Catholicism – which is just Catholicism) .  I won’t go into detail what that means here, but you can look … Continue reading G.K. Chesterton, Country Music, Traditional Catholicism & Giuseppe Viani